3 Must Read Reasons Why You Should Sell on eBay AND Ama

10 Oct 2018 18:00

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When you take your first steps into the world of online selling it makes sense to target one website. You might choose to sell a few bits and pieces from around your house on eBay, or maybe to shift some books that you picked up in the local charity shop on Amazon. Using one website is a nice gentle introduction to the art of making a living in this way, but soon you should start to consider branching out to sell on both eBay AND Amazon. These two enormous websites are both excellent earning opportunities, and when you combine them both into your selling strategy you will be well placed to maximise your profit.

But why? Why should you bother to sell on eBay and Amazon?

It allows you to sell the right product on the right website

Some collectible items will never sell better than in the setting of an eBay auction. As your potential buyers become desperate to get their hands on what they are offering, they will offer more and more money as the clock ticks down to nothing. The vast majority of goods bought online however, are bought when they are needed. In these instances people don't always want to sit around to see if they can scoop a great deal by waiting for the end of an auction; they simply want to pay a set price, knowing that they will receive their ordered item quickly and reliably.

It allows you to target several different customer bases

There are always exceptions to every rule, but in general the customer base that more frequently purchases from Amazon is also more likely to spend more on the same item than those customers that only ever shop from eBay. eBay shoppers tend to have something of a bargain mentality. This can be very useful when you have some goods to sell on for a low price, particularly if you only have a limited quantity to ensure you can spur the viewers of your auctions on to action. For Amazon accounts for sale that you have a lot of however, you may want to consider the more reliable and loyal Amazon fan base.

It allows you to support yourself through the hard times

As in every business, an online selling career will go through ups and downs. For example, you may find that a product that was selling incredibly successfully has suddenly stopped enticing your customers because of a newer model, or perhaps because of a rival that has undercut you in price. These moments in your selling career can be extremely disheartening, which is why it is so important to spread your earning potential over a range of different products, but also over different websites. That way when your eBay auctions aren't as successful, you still have your Amazon income to tide you over, and vice versa.

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